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FAQ – Visa Section Lebanon

22.11.2017 - FAQ

This list of frequently asked questions will be frequently updated. Please check in again in a few days if your question has not been answered yet. All answers are given to the best of your knowledge at the time of publishing them. Please note that they are not legally binding.


We have prepared information sheets for the most common visa types on this website, please check here: https://beirut.diplo.de/lb-de/service/05-VisaEinreise/-/2081604 (in German) and here: https://beirut.diplo.de/lb-ar/service/visa-einreise/-/2088438?openAccordionId=item-2088956-0-panel (in Arabic)

If there is no information sheet for your specific visa type, please start preparing your file according to the visa type that is closest to yours and apply common sense (e.g. if you are going to get married in Germany, of course you cannot hand in a marriage certificate, but will instead have to present documentation regarding your upcoming marriage). If you need further assistance or clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us via E-Mail(visalbn@beir.diplo.de).

Appointments can only be booked online through our appointment registration system: https://service2.diplo.de/rktermin/extern/choose_realmList.do?locationCode=beir&realmId=319.

Registration is free of charge and can be done by everyone. You will register on a waiting list and be assigned the soonest available appointment among comparable cases.

It is up to you, whether you want to do the registration yourself of want to engage somebody to help you with this. However, please beware of fraudsters. Not every visa/travel agency has your best interests in mind.

The German Embassy does not have special cooperations with any translation offices or travel agencies. Every agency that claims to be „accredited by“ or „affiliated with“ out Embassy is not telling you the truth.

It is up to you, whether you want to prepare your documents and do the appointment registration yourself or want to engage somebody to help you with this. However, please beware of fraudsters. Not every visa/travel agency has your best interests in mind

We have one service provider, VFS global in Hamra, where you can hand in Schengen visa applications and documents for legalization. VFS does not offer services - like booking flights or hotels - that go beyond receiving and forwarding visa applications and documents for legalization to the Embassy. VFS will advise you competently to hand in complete applications, but is not involved in the decision making process.

It might take a bit longer than usual, but eventually it will be your turn and we will inform you.

If you need an appointment to apply for a national visa, please register on one of our appointment waiting lists after reading through all relevant information regarding your visa type on our website.

Waiting times for appointments are currently a few months. Appointments might be given on short notice as we have to abide by lockdown regulations as well and sometimes have to cancel and re-schedule appointments.

Please be prepared for your appointment. We have put a lot of information on this website on what and how you should prepare your application. Please make sure that you get all the necessary documents ready as soon as you can and don’t forget to make the requested copies!

If you come to the embassy unprepared, you are wasting the appointment for yourself and all the other persons waiting anxiously to get their appointment. Every applicant who „needs“ two appointments to hand in their application due to unpreparedness is prolonging appointment waiting times for everybody.

If you would like to know if and how you can get an appointment to apply for a Schengen visa at this moment, please check the information in this FAQ section regarding this topic.

Please refrain from regular inquiries about the status of your case or your appointment booking. This kind of requests is draining our resources. We would much prefer to use all of those for actually processing visa files instead of answering e-mails.

Please bear in mind that the people who are assigned appointments before you usually also registered on the respective waiting list before you.

Yes, it is! 

Our „Visa section for Lebanon“ was affected by the blast in Beirut harbor and was temporarily working from Rabieh. We are now back in our building in Dekwaneh/Sin el Fil.

We are currently improvising in many areas in order to handle your cases as efficiently as possible. Also our staff capacities are still limited by measures taken in order to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus.

Everybody in Lebanon can feel the negative effects of COVID-19 and the explosion in Beirut harbor in the beginning of August. The German Embassy in not an exception to this.

Despite all this we are doing our best to process your applications as normally as possible. We are also accepting new applications. Please bear with us if some things take a little bit longer than usual in these challenging times. We are also giving you more time than usual to hand in missing documents, if you couldn’t get them due to the pandemic situation.

If we need anything from you, we will contact you directly. There is no need for you to ask us whether we need something more from you if we do not contact you to ask for something. The less e-mail requests and telephone calls we get, the faster we can process all applications.

Immigration to Germany is possible if you have a purpose of staying in Germany which is foreseen in our immigration legislation. Immigration without any specific cause is not possible.

Please read through all the relevant information regarding your visa type on our website (especially the information sheets), before you register for an appointment. Visa information is available in German and Arabic.

If you are looking for initial information on work related visas, we recommend you take a look at http://www.make-it-in-germany.de.

Once you have identified a valid purpose of stay and prepared started preparing the documents needed, you can register for a visa appointment on our website http://www.beirut.diplo.de. Appointments are assigned by us as soon as possible, however this might currently take a few months.

In exceptional cases: Yes.

If you have already obtained or are interested in a visa to travel to Germany for a short period of time only („Schengen visa“, i.e. family visit, tourism, business trip), you can generally still not enter Germany coming from Lebanon at this moment.

There are only a few exceptions from this rule. You can find more information on this on the website of the German Federal Police (our border police) http://www.bundespolizei.de, who makes the final decisions about whether someone can legally enter Germany or not. The information there is currently only available in German. You can check our Ministry of the Interior’s webpage http://www.bmi.bund.de/EN for slightly more general information in English.

Please also check our Covid-FAQ page for more information on current regulations: https://beirut.diplo.de/lb-de/service/05-VisaEinreise/-/2423932

Persons who fulfill the special criteria for family visits can contact our service provider VFS directly in order to get an appointment (http://visa.vfsglobal.com/lbn/en/deu).

Persons who think that they fulfill the special criteria for business trips or medical cases should contact the Embassy for a pre-assessment of their case via e-mail (visalbn@beir.diplo.de) and will then be referred to VFS if there is indeed a chance for them to travel under the current regulations (this is not a binding pre-approval of the actual visa application though).

The closure of the Goethe Institute in Beirut is only temporary. The building of the Institute was severely damaged by the explosion in Beirut harbor, but the Institute has managed to find a way to conduct language exams again since December 2020. Currently exams are paused due to the lockdown, but will be resumed as soon as the lockdown is over. Please contact them directly for more details on when and how you can register for new language exams.

If you have already prepared for an exam, you should hopefully be able to take one soon.

Despite the difficulties to learn German due to the several corona induced constraints, many private language schools in Lebanon have kept conducting live language classes adjusted to COVID-regulations. There was and is also a vast offer of online courses (also by the Goethe Institute). There are many ways to help you with learning German online (apps, videos, etc) and offline (e.g. with the help of books or analogue audio courses) as well. Last but not least: You can always work on your German skills with other German speakers. For our applicants for family reunion the go-to option would be to practice together with their spouse in Germany. For students many universities offer „language cafés“ or „tandem partnerships“ with students from the same university – this is also a very good way to get to know some people there already, especially since physical contact will be limited still upon your arrival at campus due to the pandemic.

Regarding your visa applications:

There is no general waiver regarding the requirement of German language skills during the pandemic.

The Embassy thus will still check German skills in the course of the visa procedures but we will take into account in each individual case the difficulties the specific applicant might have faced in the past months.

Regarding the proof of your skills however, we will not ask you to hand in a language certificate that you cannot get in the near future for reasons beyond your control. You can therefore hand in your applications without the language certificate, if you don’t have it yet. It is no problem if you hand it in at a later point in time. n most cases we will be able to start processing your file without the language certificate (especially family reunion visa applications) and add it to the file later on. If the situation prevails and you will not be able to obtain a language certificate in time before everything else about your application is settled and ready, we will find individual solutions on how to assess German skills. Each case will be assessed individually.

If your level of German is in fact already much higher than the level required for your visa type (e.g. much higher than the A1 level required for a family reunion with your spouse), but you don’t have a language certificate to prove this, please let us know already when you hand in your documents. If you have a qualification (e.g. university degree) an good skills in another language (e.g. English) that would allow you to start working in Germany in your specific field even without German skills, please let us know as well. There might be options to waive the requirement to hand in a language certificate in your specific case.

You can find further information on language requirements for family reunion visas on our information sheet on this topic: https://beirut.diplo.de/blob/2433496/7b59b0f187b336dd66eafc784112b636/merkblatt-sprachkenntnisse-ehegattennachzug-data.pdf (in German) or https://beirut.diplo.de/blob/2433682/5ffa9431acb52a2bf2d65975a28af315/mb-sprache-arabisch-data.pdf (in Arabic)

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